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With 10 years’ experience of working in Online Marketing, including on award winning campaigns, we have skills to make social media work for you.
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We are an innovative and driven company with the strengths and skills to develop your content & advertising strategy to drive sales through social media. We will help take your business higher.

We have a strong affinity working within the hospitality sector; restaurants, bars hotels and catering. Having worked with Searcys, HIX Restaurants and Caprice Holdings.

We deliver on our client’s objectives and understand the importance of the bottom line. Social media marketing spans brand awareness to targeted conversion and lead generation. Whether you’re a start up looking to start to build your tribe online or a blue chip organisation looking to reconnect with your audience we can work with you to achieve your objectives through social.

Kitty Newman, Director


Whether your business is large or small, we pride ourselves on developing a complete social media management solution which is unique to your organisation, focussed on realising your aims and objectives, building on your existing strengths and providing quantifiable results with proven ROI.

We are pleased to offer free of charge guidance for Not-for-profit and charitable organisations as well as new starters. We love what we do so if you just want some advice with no strings attached please do get in touch.

Take the first step to set your business flying today, look at the SERVICES we offer, our PORTFOLIO  and CONTACT us for advice and a quotation.


Having experience across many sectors in the online marketing world allows us to look at social media holistically and how it fits within your organisation’s wider strategy. That means the solution we develop with you will be coherent, targeted and effective.

Paid for Advertising

Developing high quality paid for advertising across various social media platforms allows you to target specific consumers. By using tracking and retargeting solutions, we can grow your reach, engage with the individuals most interested in your business and increase sales, providing quantifiable ROI. It also provides information which allows you to better understand your customer and their needs. A fully responsive Social Media strategy will develop and change to meet both your business needs and your customer, supporting future business growth and development.

Just Starting

If you have yet to develop your social media presence, we can help you identify your goals, establish your tone and content pillars, and create effective original content which makes the most appropriate use of the tools available. We will advise on the use of high quality images, video & live streaming. We will help ensure that you reach and engage with your target audience, growing brand awareness and sales in the most effective way. This could be a one off consultation or lead into a fixed monthly management project.

Developing & Blue Chip Organisations

If you have an existing social media presence we can evaluate it for you, highlight where improvements can be made and take it to the next level. This might involve improving your processes, drilling down to the specifics of who epitomises your audience are and how to reach them or generating more effective and appropriate content, which reaches your target market.

Networking & Influencers

One of our unique strengths lies in our proven ability to develop great networks. Social Media, when managed correctly, will grow your brand awareness. Relevant Influencers, which take different forms depending on your business type, are key to this. We will help you to build and secure the relationships that will take your business to the next level.

Custom Workshops / Social Media Training

We also offer tailored workshops to improve your internal communications teams. After a conversation to understand your company objectives and structure we will create bespoke training. Training can cover content creation, streamlining content scheduling and consumer outreach and engagement as well as in-depth training on paid advertising and strategy.


CONTACT us for advice and a quotation



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